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Family Cycling Part 2: Self-propelled Kids

Where to find kids bikes in Edmonton

In the last post in this biking series we talked about carrying your little ones on your bike. Now we're going to give you some tips on how to get them moving under their own two-wheeled power!

Balance Bikes

In the past, children started off on tricycles and then moved on to training wheels before finally learning to ride a two-wheeler unassisted. However in recent years balance bikes (also called "push bikes" or "run bikes") have been growing in popularity. A balance bike is simply a pint-sized bicycle with the pedals removed. The concept is simple: teach kids to balance from the start, and they'll pick up cycling more easily. There are several popular models of balance bike available, and two of the big names - Striders and Runners - are made right here in Alberta!

Where to buy a balance bike in Edmonton:

Baby Grins
Carbon Environmental Boutique
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Tiny Footprint Toys
United Cycle
Wee Love

Trailer Bikes

A trailer bike is attaches to the back of your bicycle and essentially turns it into a tandem with a pint-sized rear seat. It's a great option for kids who are old enough to pedal, but may not be mature enough or have the stamina to pilot their own bike for a longer amount of time.

Where to buy a trailer bike in Edmonton:

Canadian Tire
Mountain Equipment Co-op
United Cycle
Velocity Cycle
Western Cycle


Once it's time for your child to graduate to their own two-wheeler, it's important you choose a bike that is a proper fit. REI.com has these tips to offer:

When shopping, be aware that children's bikes are measured by their wheel size (not frame size). The most common sizes are 16", 20" and 24". The right size is one where your child can comfortably get on the bike and stand with his or her feet on the ground.

If you want to be confident that you are choosing a bike that's a good fit for your child we recommend shopping at a bonafide bike shop, rather than a generic sporting goods or department store. Bike shop staff will be more knowledgable and better able to help you choose an appropriate ride for your kiddo.

Not sure where to go to buy a bike for your child? We asked Edmonton's twitter community for their favourite kid-friendly bike shops. The results are listed below...

Where to buy a child's bike in Edmonton:

Cranky's (St. Albert)
Park Cycle (Sherwood Park)
Revolution Cycle
United Cycle


Do you have a favourite local bike shop? Let us know in the comments...


Image by kate mccarthy

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Reader Comments (2)

My 3 yo daughter has a Strider and I am SO impressed. It took her a few weeks to get the hang of it but once she did, she was like a little rocket. Her balance is fantastic and she is so happy because she is able to keep up with her 5 yo brother on this 2 wheeler. I highly recommend a balance bike.

Are there any long, flat trails that are good for a (young) family bike ride in Edmonton? I would love to hear some recommendations... if you do a part 3 in this series. :-) Thank you!
June 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary Lou
Mary Lou, we live near the university and enjoy several relatively flat trails in the area.

There is a trail that runs along the LRT line, starting around 82nd Ave and 116 Street and heading south. You can get as far as Century Park on that if you so desire!

The trail along Saskatchewan Drive is also nice - Anywhere between Windsor Park and Scona Road.

Check out the maps I linked in the third post in the series - those might give you some more ideas.
June 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

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