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Stars and Strollers

Many parents think that having a new baby at home means saying goodbye to first run movies, at least for a little while. After all, no one wants to be that person! You know, the one with the screaming baby annoying all the other patrons in a busy theatre.

Luckily the folks at Cineplex Odeon have come up with a solution. Their weekly Stars and Strollers offerings allow parents to view a current movie in a baby-friendly environment. The showings take place on weekday afternoons and feature lower volumes and slightly brighter lighting than a standard multiplex movie. And they even set up change tables (with free diapers!) just outside the theatre so you don’t need to go all the way to the bathroom to do a diaper change and risk missing an important plot point.

Stars and Strollers is offered in theatres all over Canada. In Edmonton, it is available at three locations:

  1. Scotiabank Theatre West Edmonton Mall (Wednesdays at 1pm)
  2. Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton (Wednesdays at 1pm)
  3. Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton (Thursdays at 1pm)

Admission: $10.75 per adult (babies are free)
Location: Cineplex Odeon theatres in West Edmonton, North Edmonton, and South Edmonton
Learn more: Visit the Stars and Strollers website for a weekly list of movies at each location.

Image by cherrylet's


6 reasons to have a movie date with your baby

Image via Kenneth Lu, Flickr.

There is a secret hangout for moms with babies where, ‘frankly my dear, no one gives a damn’ whether you are breastfeeding, burping, calming a screaming baby, sleeping or chowing down on a large popcorn with butter. It is Cineplex Odeon's Stars and Strollers movies.

Experienced moms are scoffing that this isn’t a secret hangout. They’d claim that everyone knows about mommy and me movies. But that’s not the case. Non-parents would be envious to find out that we can go to movies in the middle of the day. Those who have recently joined the parent club also need to get up to speed. Let me help you.

If you’re a new mom, it may seem daunting to go to a movie with a newborn. But I'll let you in on two little secrets. One, you'll never be in a space that is more understanding of you being a mom and what that entails. And, two, your baby's cries are only physiologically upsetting to you - the rest of us aren't bothered. So come, enjoy a movie and don’t worry about disturbing others when your babe cries.

6 reasons to have a movie date with your baby

  1. You get to see all the new releases. Many are scheduled for the week right after they launch.
  2. Cineplex creates a baby friendly environment. The movie’s sound is lower, the lights only dimmed and a change table available outside the theatre doors so you don't have to trek to the washroom.
  3. The price is right. Stars and Stroller movies are only $10.75 for adults with babies.
  4. Plenty of elbow room. The movies are rarely full so feel free to spread out as you need. Also, infant car seats fit perfectly on a chair beside you.
  5. You're not going alone. Your cute date will snuggle with you as you watch. Or organize a movie outing with friends and their sweet babies.
  6. You get to pick the movie!

When and Where

It’s most enjoyable to attend the Stars and Strollers movies before your baby starts getting active. So, don’t put off the movie experience.

Happy watching!